Puppy is twice as cute after it was born with two noses

This five-week-old blue merle collie is the odd one out among his six siblings as he was born with a two noses.

Pua, the puppy named after a pig in Disney film Moana, has quickly become part of the family with lots of love and attention from owner Jessica Wheatley who has been breeding puppies for 14 years.

Last year the family sold blue merle border collies, which are more unusual, for £750.Credit: SWNS

The mother-of-four said she was in shock when the family noticed a small line between his nostrils which indicated that he had been born with two noses.

Ms Wheatley and her eldest daughter Katie love having puppies in their house in Gonshall, Surrey and already have three dogs.

Although this special addition to the family receives a bit more attention as they take it in turns to bottle feed him every two hours as he cannot suckle.

She said: “The people at the vets said they had seen cleft palates but nothing like the nose before."

The deformity is considered desirable in some cultures, with some breeds including Double-Nosed Andean Tiger Hounds designed to have two noses.

Pua will need to have a minor operation to remove some teeth when he is old enough as his teeth are growing towards each other but any surgery to his lip and nose would be purely cosmetic.

The family, including Jessica’s husband Gavin, 48, have considered keeping Pua as their four grandchildren love to play with him but they hope to find him a good home.

Puppy withtwonoses
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