Londoners spend more than a third of their salary to pay rent

The latest poll showed that residents of the capital spend an average of 37% of monthly income for rent. However, the studies did not take into account the additional costs in the form of taxes and utility bills. The research was conducted with the support of the CV-Library job search site. Rent in the capital was more than three times higher than the average in other parts of the UK.

In London, the average monthly rent is £836, while in Hull, rent costs around £227, which is 11.6% of the average wage. London is followed by Brighton, where tenants pay about £623 every month, which is 32% of the average wage. In Edinburgh, housing costs around £463 - more than 25% of the average monthly income. In Southampton, housing costs around £418 per month - 21.8% of the average wage.

The study also compared wages in different regions of the UK. The highest level of monthly income have the residents of Aberdeen in Scotland - £2300. The lowest average wage was in Exeter in Devonshire, £1855.

Lee Biggins, director of the CV-Library, said: "While some cities offer acceptable housing prices, in other parts of the UK people live on the brink of debt every month." The study also found that residents of London, Brighton, Edinburgh and Bristol every month more often get into debt.

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