5 facts about Science Museum, which you did not know for sure

The Science Museum is the pride of the capital and one of the most loved places of both Londoners and tourists. One can wander among the amazing exhibits for hours. A lot of interesting things can be told not only by display cases, but also by the history of the museum. There are several unusual facts that you are unlikely to hear from the guide.

1. It was part of the Victoria and Albert Museum (V&A)

After the World Exhibition in 1851, several exhibits were placed in the new museum - the Museum of South Kensington, which now is called the Victoria and Albert Museum. It was focused on art and science, although some of the scientific exhibits in 1862 were taken to a separate building on the Exhibition Road. Collections of scientific and art exhibits were not officially separated until 1909, until a scientific collection was formed in the Science Museum.

2. Large exhibits are located at the airport

In 1979, the museum acquired the Wroughton Airfield near Swindon, where some of the largest exhibits, such as airplanes, hovercrafts and other vehicles were placed. The entrance to the airport is closed, but you can get there on advance registration.

3. Expositions are ahead of time

The museum dedicated to science and technology is a perspective thinking. And some of the past exhibitions confirm this, because they were ahead of their time. For example, environmental problems were raised in the 1930s: an exhibition dedicated to noise reduction was held in 1935, and an exhibition dedicated air pollution by smoke - in 1936.

4. Here is a tiny sculpture

Iron Baby is a cast iron sculpture by Antony Gormley, created in 1999. The exhibit can be seen in the museum gallery "Who am I?".

5. Queen tweets

In 2014, Queen Elizabeth II wrote her first tweet about the Science Museum: "I was happy to attend the exhibition "Informational Era". I hope people will also enjoy it."

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