Top 5 haunted places in Scotland

The British Isles are famous for their legends about ghosts, witchcraft and other amazing things. These stories always attract those who believe in fairy tales, the existence of ghosts and otherworldly forces. We suggest to learn a little more about houses with ghosts in Scotland.

5. Rosslyn Chapel.

Rosslyn Chapel is located in the village of Rosslyn and, according to rumors, this 500-year-old chapel has long been a home for many spirits. Despite the fact that the information on owners and construction has always been carefully documented, some historians could not calm down and actively spread rumors about various artifacts that are hidden in the chapel - for example, they said that the Holy Grail is kept there. Also there were rumors about the hidden wealth and mummified head of Jesus Christ. A lot of pseudo-historians have tried to ascribe unrealistic and sometimes ridiculous merits to this place, but local residents believe that the stories about ghosts that are found in the chapel and in the adjacent territory are true. Some tourists said that they saw spirits that suddenly appeared and disappeared. They also mentioned a black knight on a horse who was observed near the chapel. It is also believed that this place is home to a mysterious lady in white.

4. Cawdor Castle.

Cawdor Castle has a long history with paranormal phenomena. They say that in the early 1880s, the daughter of Count Cawdor had relationship with a young man from a competing family. When the count found his daughter with her lover in their secret shelter, he was so enraged by her betrayal that he began to haunt his daughter around the castle until he literally forced her into a corner. In a desperate attempt to avoid the father's anger, the girl decided to go down through the window. And while she was hanging, holding on to the windowsill, the count took out his sword and cut off his daughter's hands. And now some visitors of the castle report about the girl in a blue velvet dress, which silently wanders around the castle.

3. Stirling Castle.

Of the many spirits that are said to live in Stirling Castle, Highland Ghost is most often mentioned. This ghost is always met in the traditional Scottish outfit. Visitors often take him for a guide and come up to ask a question, and when he suddenly disappears - get scared. You can also meet the famous Green Lady, who is believed to have been Mary Stuart’s servant.

2. Dryburgh Abbey Hotel.

Originally the building of the hotel served as a home for the Roman Catholic Order, founded in 1150 by Lord Lauderdale. After many years, the building was restored and turned into a hotel. And the ghosts that were seen here are connected precisely with the religious past of this place. According to some sources, one of the monks had relationship with a young girl. Other inhabitants of the monastery found out about this and executed the monk who violated the law. When the woman became aware of the death of her lover, she became insane and threw herself into River Tweed, where she drowned. The ghost of this girl was nicknamed the Gray Lady. Some hotel guests told that they saw not only her, but also a group of monks engrossed in some kind of religious chant.

1. Niddry Street Vaults.

By the end of the XVIII century, the basement of Niddry Street became home to numerous taverns, merchants and anyone who wanted to hide from the guards. It is said that serial killers used storage to hide their victims. Written evidence of the vaults has been preserved a little, so it is not known when they stopped using them. Most likely, somewhere in the middle of the XIX century. The repositories were rediscovered in the 1980s, and two years later there were excavations, during which numerous artifacts related to the black market were discovered. In general, this place has always been gloomy. There are several stories about the local ghosts. The first refers to a man hanged, who can be seen in a mirror, in another - about an evil poltergeist.

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