Clavell Tower is the most popular weekend house in the UK

Thinking about vacation at home, you probably imagine your favorite sofa, Netflix movies and a lot of delicious cakes. But if you really want to have a good rest without leaving the room, why not spend the weekend in a four-story tower in Dorset?

Interested? It is a pity to disappoint you, but until the next year you will not be able to book a tower. Clavell Tower in Kimmeridge Bay is so popular that it is reserved until July 2019.

What is so special about this building that helps to attract a huge number of visitors? The Clavell Tower was built by Rev John Richards in 1830 as a lighthouse and observatory. In 1930, there was a fire, after which the building remained abandoned for a long time. Fortunately, it was restored literally by a brick and moved 25 m deep into the shoreline from its original location. It was the Clavell Tower that inspired the author of the detectives, Phyllis Dorothy James, to create the "Black Tower", and the classic of British literature, Thomas Hardy, met near this structure with his first love and later used it as an illustration to "Wessex poems ".

Rent costs from £ 466, so the pleasure is not cheap. But this is a great opportunity to be with the best friend or partner alone, because all four floors will be at your disposal. From any corner of the building you can see a wonderful view of the sea and the surrounding countryside, so if you have long dreamed of feeling like a character of a love story, this is exactly what you need.

A member of the British foundation, Landmark Trust, said: "The location of the tower is amazing. Imagine that you are admiring the sea without getting out of bed. But to spend the weekend there, one should take care of the reservation, because this is a very popular place for vacation or weekend rest. As soon as we report on the free dates for renting the tower, they are immediately booked, literally within an hour or two. If you really want to stay at this place for a day or two, book the Clavell Tower at the second half of 2019 - starting from March 3rd".

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