For the first time in 150 years, the British will be able to see the super-blue bloody moon

Have you ever seen the supermoon, the blue moon and a lunar eclipse at the same time? No? No wonder, because the inhabitants of the UK could not see it since 1866. But, according to the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the British will be able to observe these phenomena on the night of January 31st.

The blue moon means that in January 2018 there will be as many as two full moons. The first was already observed on January 2nd, and the next is expected on January 31st. It is interesting that the blue moon will coincide with the supermoon (the maximum approach of the Moon to the Earth), that is, the lunar disk will be larger and brighter than usual, which will only enhance the impressions of the observers.

If someone think that it is not enough, you should know: this year there will be not simply the supermoon, and the supermoon with a total eclipse. Because of the Rayleigh diffusion, the moon will acquire a reddish hue (more precisely, a deep orange), and therefore it will be called bloody.

Rayleigh duffusion is the coherent diffusion of light without changing the wavelength on particles, inhomogeneities, or other objects, when the frequency of the diffused light is much less than the natural frequency of the object or system that diffuses.

Experienced observers of the starry sky will confirm that in the UK the eclipse of the blue moon will be visible for the first time in 150 years. NASA specialists explain: "The Moon's orbit is usually hidden behind the shadow of our planet. About twice a year you can see the moon eclipse, when the shadow of the Earth closes the light of the Sun, which usually reflects from the Moon. The Moon loses its brightness and acquires a weak glow that breaks through the Earth's atmosphere."

The blue moon, in turn, occurs every two and a half years. Usually it takes about 29.5 days between full moons, and very rarely you can observe two full moons per month. In addition, it is impossible to see the blue moon in February.

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