A month without money

Sounds horrible and almost impossible, right? But as it turned out, it not that hard thing to do. Trainee-psychologist and blogger Kate Brennan set a goal to not buy anything for a month. Before the experiment began, the girl bought basic food, paid the bills and rent, and bought a chicken for the holiday. Under the ban, Kate had expenses for transportation, cosmetics, alcohol, clothes, expensive purchases at the grocery store and spending time with friends and her boyfriend.

The main reason why the girl decided on this is her financial situation. Like many people of her age, Kate hoped to get her own home by the age of 30, but she still rents an apartment, and she has little money in her savings account. Also, unlike many of the 30-year-olds, the girl does not have parental support.

"I lost both parents, so I feel completely powerless, I want to take control of the situation, prioritize and understand what is important to me. It will be like a fresh start", - Kate said. It is hard to imagine how difficult it was to live a month without money. In her blog, the girl describes the main problems she faced.


Kate was determined to spend a "dry" month. The positive side of the ban on alcohol is the absence of a hangover and plenty of time to do home or scientific work.

Cultural entertainment

In London, there are plenty of free events, but not everything is so simple. Kate understood the whole point of free entertainment when, together with her boyfriend, she went to an art gallery with a free entrance. Upon arrival, they saw a queue of more than 100 people, so they turned around and went back home.


Kate took food from home. She was incredibly pleased with the idea that every day she saves at least £5, which she used to spend on a ready-to-eat meal in the dining room or cafe.

The desire for delicious

Previously, Kate indulged herself with sweets. She was angry at the very thought that she could not buy a cake or a biscuit. But a month without expenses showed that it is possible to live without goodies and not die of hunger.

Pastime with friends

Of course, the Kate could not refuse from communication with friends, but it was very difficult for her to drink water in the pub when her friends bought cocktails. Kate had to limit meetings with friends up to one per week.

Public transport

The girl stopped using the subway and started using a bicycle. She says: "I was freed from the awkward feeling that appears in the morning when you are jammed in a tight wagon along with 55 complete strangers."

Lessons in saving money from Kate

Being a psychologist, the girl turned to the If-Then technique, according to which it is necessary to analyze the obstacles that prevent reaching the goal. In the case of Kate, it can be coffee and cookies at work, dessert, soda or a paid dinner. The girl has learned not to succumb to temptation and to think about the limits positively. For a month she managed to accumulate a huge for her sum - £420.20. At the same time, Kate said that she is in search of a monetary secret and is not going to stop there.

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