Top 12 best British music bands

Great Britain is a state which is known for its creative people all over the world. Many will probably disagree with this rating. This list was compiled on the basis of such factors as originality and social or cultural impact, which means that some groups that you might expect to see on the list are not available.

1. The Beatles

Until now, the undisputed champion of British music is The Beatles, even three decades after their breakup. Founded in 1960 in Liverpool, the band still remains the most influential group of the rock era, they own more innovations in pop music than any other group in the world. The Beatles remain the best-selling band in the UK and the United States. In the course of their relatively short career, they won an incredible number of first lines in the British charts.

2. Oasis

Oasis were formed in 1991 and quickly succeeded, the media often commented on the similarities between this band and The Beatles. Long-term public interest in the group remained high, but not exceptional. Their sound took inspiration from the work of early rock bands. In many respects the group belongs to the genre Alternative Rock. Their songs won first places in the UK charts eight times.

3. The Kinks

An influential English pop rock band with roots in Rhythm & Blues, Music Hall and Country music. Recognized by the group that made one of the most significant contributions to the development of British music, The Kinks continue to attract the interest of listeners for almost four decades. Originally from Maswell Hill in London, The Kinks achieved tremendous success in the UK, and then in America.

4. The Clash

The Clash is a British music band formed in 1976 in London under the influence of the music and image of the punk rock band Sex Pistols. The Clash are one of the first and most famous bands of punk rock performers. Despite the great popularity that the band gained in the punk-scene, it also experimented with other musical styles, from reggae to hip-hop. Such width of musical range, political uncompromising, full of energy and provocations concerts brought The Clash uncharacteristic for punk big success at home and abroad.

5. Queen

The English rock band is known for its quasi-opera characteristic sound and live concerts. The Queen group was created in 1970, and its founders are Roger Taylor and Brian May. Later Freddie Mercury joined the team, who came up with the main name of the group. Before Freddie, the band included bass players Mike Grou, Barry Mitchell, Doug Bogie. Then John Deacon joined the band, who stayed there for many years.

6. Pink Floyd

For more than thirty years, the British group has been keeping admirers around the world. Having formed within the psychedelic underground, the group's work developed further in line with art-rock - it is no accident that music style developed by musicians is sometimes called psychedelic art-rock. Over time, their work has undergone significant changes, but the best of what has been achieved has always been preserved and the group never lost its style for further experiments. The group's innovation has appeared not only in music, but also in using the latest technical achievements in studio work and at concerts. So, the group was one of the first to apply laser and quadraphonic equipment, demonstrated slides, movies, animation, etc.

7. Led Zeppelin

Formed in London in 1968, Led Zeppelin, are regarded as one of the pioneers of Hard Rock/Heavy Metal music. At the center of the band were the talent for writing of guitarist Jimmy Page and the keyboardist John Paul Jones's compositional skills.

8. The Stone Roses

The Stone Roses - British rock band, that was one of the leaders of the "Manchester wave" at the turn of the 1980-1990's. Their 1989 debut album The Stone Roses quickly became a classic in the UK.

9. The La's

A British rock band from Liverpool, known from the mid-1980s to the early 1990s. The singer, songwriter and guitarist Lee Mavers is the most popular member of the band thanks to the hit "There She Goes". The band was formed by Mike Badger in 1984, and Mavers joined the band shortly after the band gained popularity.

10. The Streets

Mike Skinner, better known for his stage name The Streets is a rapper from Birmingham, England, who was the first to try to contribute socio-political motives to the British 2-step/grime movement.

11. Slade

In 1974, the English magazine Pop Today wrote about them: "There have been a few rock bands so far that would bring so many radical innovations and changes to their stage image, would be characterized by such typical image: clothes, style, manners". Many critics call Slade the most melodic rock band after The Beatles, but also "the most underrated... which literally was ruined by ‘too smart’ journalists."

12. T. Rex

The British rock band, founded in 1967 in London under the name Tyrannosaurus Rex as an acoustic folk-rock duo of Mark Bolan and Steve Peregrin Took. They were one of the brightest representatives of the British Underground. In 1969 the name was shortened to T. Rex; having achieved great success in the British charts of the early 1970s, the band became one of the leading glam rock bands and existed until Bolan's death in 1977.

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