All you need to know about bicycles in London

Traveling by bike around London can be dangerous. But this is a free way to get to anywhere in the city and an alternative to expensive transport. The residents of the capital know that using a bicycle, you can save a considerable amount. And it helps to keep yourself in shape. But before getting into the saddle, take note of a few important tips.

Useful facts

1. Big city.

It is easy to see that London is a big city. It has 32 districts (boroughs). Riding a bike is fine, but you need to take into account the distance that you have to overcome. On this transport it is very convenient to travel around the neighborhood - to shops and other places.

2. A bike-oriented city?

Not really ... You should think about the route. London, and especially its center, can`t be called “focused on cyclists”. There are bicycle paths, and this is already good, but be prepared for a busy traffic.

Tips and Tricks

1. Safety.

Cyclists can use bus lanes. But be careful, because buses also go by them. And show special vigilance when trying to overtake a bus: the driver may not notice you. And he can cut you off when he turns to a stop.

2. Stick to the left side.

If you are not from a country with a left-hand driving, be extremely careful. First time just walk around the city and try to get used to the new specifics. Remember that the movement will start on the right, and at the roundabout, you need to turn left. Just keep in mind that you need to stick to the left side.

3. Plan the route.

The roads in Central London can be very confusing, for example with one-way traffic or a lot of deadlocks. Use maps to plan the route.

4. Save.

If you can`t come all the way by bike, get to the metro station or bus stop. By shortening the length of the toll route, you will save money.

5. Your bike.

Think about buying a used model - this will significantly reduce costs. Ask your friends if they have an old bicycle that they would like to sell. On the Internet, you can also find a suitable option.

6. Necessary accessories.

You need not only a bicycle, but also a lock for it, if you do not want the vehicle to disappear one time. We also recommend buying a helmet and marker lamps.

7. Additional accessories.

Other useful trivia will make the trips more enjoyable, but will not affect their quality. Waterproof equipment is useful in winter and spring months. Protection from dirt will help not to stain the back. And many bicyclists attach baskets to transport their belongings.

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