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Gritting update 12 December 2017:Gritting was completed by 11.30pm last night and 50 tonnes of road salt were used.All priority roads were completed except the following in the Roe Green area - Pear Close, Sunny View, Haydon Close and Fairfield Close. This was due to parked vehicles.

This morning’s inspection has determined no further gritting is required. Some ice patches and those streets not accessed last night will be manually gritted first thing.The grit bins are being well used and will be topped up this morning - writes

All of Brent’s gritters will be out on the roads again this week in an effort to keep the borough moving safely during the cold snap.

Given the limited resources available to local authorities and the speed at which gritted roads need re-gritting as snow thaws and freezes again, councils everywhere including Brent prioritise the roads that are gritted to areas such as main roads, bus routes, bus stops, hill roads and around hospitals and schools.

Following snowfall yesterday and a forecast for the cold weather to continue, Brent’s gritters again took to the streets from 5am this morning and will be gritting all day today, having gritted from early morning through to 10pm at night yesterday. Gritters were also out on Saturday and a number of days last week.

Currently the council has around 840 tonnes of grit in stock, also known as rock salt, to be used during icy or freezing conditions and has filled over 300 yellow grit bins around the borough so that residents and businesses can grit icy or hazardous pavements themselves when required.

Cllr Eleanor Southwood, Brent Council’s Cabinet Member for the Environment, said:

"Our gritting teams are working hard to keep all major routes and pathways free, but this is of course a challenge given the resources available to councils and the length of time for which gritting does an effective job.

“The snow may be melting but temperatures are forecast to remain low for this week, so we’d advise that extra care is still taken when using the roads and pavements.

“We are also urging people to look out for and assist vulnerable neighbours by clearing snow or ice on the pavement outside homes and to put down salt at night, and work together as a community to deal with whatever the weather brings us.”

A webpage with advice about winter weather conditions on the roads and coping with cold weather as well as other problems such as disruption caused by the severe weather is available at

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