Why it is worth moving to London

London... Just one of the many cities? Or one of the few places in which one must necessarily live? In our magical world, there are many beautiful places with their history. But still it must be noted that London is unique. Do not believe this? Then take a look at the list of reasons why you need to move to London as soon as possible.

1. London has a terrific story. Yes, we understand that the word "terrific" now occurs so often that it is no longer taken seriously. But it perfectly describes the history of the capital. After all, where else in the world can you visit places like Westminster Palace, St. Paul's Cathedral and the London Tower? And this is just what you will see on the way to work!

2. Here are represented all the world's leading companies. This means that the employment opportunities are striking here. Just think about corporations like Google, Microsoft and Accenture! Of course, you can also work in MI5 - British Security Service - if you sometimes imagine yourself in the James Bond role.

3. Here are some of the best educational institutions. In London, there are more than 40 universities. It is no coincidence that many people think that this is the best place to get an education. University College London, Imperial College London and King's College London - three world famous educational institutions. It does not matter which specialty you choose: fashion, art, business, medicine or something else - London will still be in the top three.

4. In London, you will not get bored. Of course, there are many cities in the world that are said: "A city that never sleeps", but in London there are so many interesting places and activities that, even after living here for whole your life, you cannot try everything and cannot go everywhere. Of course, during your first visit you will try to see all the tourist attractions. You will see the change of guard at Buckingham Palace and visit many museums and galleries. But, once you do this, it is time to learn about the hidden and secret places of the city. Visit the Little Venice, the Church of All Hallows, or listen to one of the free lectures at Gresham College. Having done this, you will join the long tradition, which is more than 400 years old. Annually about 140 lectures are conducted on a variety of topics, so that everyone will find something interesting.

5. From here it is easier to get to other countries. You can just go somewhere for a weekend. Thanks to the excellent transport links, you can hop into the Eurostar train at St. Pancras and you will be in Paris or Brussels less than in two hours. Or take advantage of the airports and make a cheap flight to one of the European destinations. Flybe, Easyjet and Ryan Air are advantageous airlines that are at your service.

6. Here is a large labor market. Of January 2016, London is a great place to look for work. Since there are many prosperous companies in the city, you can realize yourself in any field of activity. Representatives of different professions, from doctors to accountants, from teachers to artists, from photographers to script editors are required, - there is always someone who needs your talents and abilities.

7. In London, there are wonderful festivals. Probably, one of the most famous festivals in the world, which every resident of London should see this for himself, is Notting Hill Street Carnival. And do not forget to mention the last day of the London Pride. This carnival is getting better and bigger every year.

8. Museums can be visited for free. Almost all museums in London are free, including even such giants as British Museum, V&A, Natural History Museum and Science Museum. They will make your day off wonderful or will help absorb the culture and history of the country one evening after work. Even the buildings in which the museums are located is an impressive sight.

9. There are surprisingly many green spaces in London. If you are used to the limited space of other cities (for example, New York, Tokyo or Hong Kong), London will become a breath of fresh air for you. Wherever you go, there will be a park nearby.

10. London is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. It is wonderful not only because there are a lot of people, cultures and religions here, but also because you can try any national cuisine and you will be sure that it was prepared by a person who really knows what it should be.

We can continue this list endlessly. Every year thousands of people come to London and, conquered by its unique charm, stay for a long time. "Another couple of months," "a couple years more," "a little more," but it turns out that they stay forever. The only way to understand the reason for this phenomenon is to come to London yourself. We assure: it will be an invaluable experience for the whole life.

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