A few tips that will make life easier in London

In a big city there is a big responsibility: you need to learn not to pay for what you can get for free, and to be in the right place at the right time. With these tips, the learning process will go faster.

1. All public libraries have free WC. And paper bags, if you suddenly need a couple.

2. In any Itsu store or restaurant, in addition to the coffee you will get a banana. Absolutely for free. And they also have a 50% discount on everything half an hour before closing.

3. For visiting WC at the Kings Cross station, you will have to pay 30 pence, but across the street, in the building of St. Pancras, it is free. However, one chic free WC on Kings-cross exists: at a waiting room of 1 class. Though, you will have to buy an appropriate ticket...

4. Broadway Shopping Center in Hammersmith estimated its WC at 50 pence. But you should not go there, even if it is free.

5. In Waitrose supermarkets you can drink free coffee every day. Real latte! You just need to get this card.

6. A similar advantage is provided by the Peter Jones card, but here you can get only a few cups of coffee and a few cakes a year.

7. On the territory of the Camden Market, you can taste a lot for free (especially we recommend tortillas in the Mr. Piadina dining room).

8. If you decide to go somewhere on the train, take with you more food. Because it is better not to buy anything in the train. Absolutely. Or maybe you want a cup of coffee for £ 3.50?

9. Free Wi-Fi can be enjoyed nearby Starbucks, Boots, EAT, Pret, Maccie Ds and many other places.

10. In the underground, stand at the platform where the yellow line has a gap. Well, or near the people who are standing there. That way you will quickly get into a wagon.

11. If you suddenly do not have enough money to get home, TfL, the operator of London's public transport system, can provide you with a free one-time ticket. You just need to fill out a special form in the office of the company. Also, in this case, you can put your Oyster card to the negative balance of £ 1.50.

12. For a session of cat- or dog-therapy, go to the shelter for dogs and cats "Battersea".

13. In Starbucks you can add coffee to your cup for free. And you can do it for the whole day.

14. On many streets of London there are pianos. You can sit down at any and play for the joy of people around. But only if you can play.

15. Always carry a bag of crumbs with you to feed hungry pigeons.

16. It was a joke. Do not feed the pigeons under any circumstances! NEVER.

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