One man and his dogcam: vigilante films speeding cyclists he fears will run down and kill pets on paths in Royal Parks

A vigilante dog walker has resorted to filming his strolls because of the “absolute scourge of dangerous speeding cyclists”.

Jay Miller, 47, of Bayswater, claims he has been forced to jump in front of bikes on four occasions to stop his two Boston Terriers being run down and killed while on pedestrian-only paths in Kensington Gardens - writes

Royal Parks rules allocate two main cycle ways, with remaining paths and all grassy areas sign-posted as pedestrian-only.

In 2008, the Standard reported on actors Felicity Kendal and Jenny Seagrove leading a protest calling for a crackdown on cyclists in the parkafter four dogs, including a puppy, were killed by cyclists.

Marisa Knightley, owner of a mongrel called Missy killed that year, said her loss was “devastating”.

Video evidence: Jay Miller with his dogs in Kensington Gardens

After a narrow miss of his own last year, technology worker Mr Miller began wearing a GoPro camera on every morning and evening dog walk, capturing cyclists and their reactions to being challenged.

Mr Miller, from San Francisco, said: “The bikes are an absolute scourge in the park — lots of them think they are Lance Armstrong in a Tour de France trial, speeding down through a pedestrian-only path.

“I’ve lived near the park for four and a half years and for the entire time have felt that my dogs’ lives are in danger from cyclists, both on Santander bikes and private bikes.

Jay Miller has launched a one-man fightback against people who misuse paths in the Royal Parks by cycling where they shouldn't

“I have accumulated footage of more than 850 illegal cyclists in more than 560 videos. Sometimes when I challenge them they are so rude, they swear at me and one lady called me a ‘f***ing American’.

I was being polite, even though I do shout sometimes as I am so angry because my dogs’ lives are at stake.

“The videos will serve as evidence... I am trying to arrange a meeting with Karen Buck, our local MP, to discuss the issue. I know police resources are strapped, but when a child or an old person gets killed by someone on a bike it will be a hot button issue.” Other dog walkers joined a Facebook group Mr Miller set up to share their experiences.

Member Caroline Cornish-Trestrail said: “I live in constant fear of either me or my dogs getting run down by careering cyclists who not only cycle as though they are on the M1 on non-cycling paths, but regularly cycle across the grass areas. The police very occasionally appear in a car and there is sometimes an extremely helpful Pc on his bike... but this is very rare… The park needs to be monitored on a daily basis.”

A London Cycling Campaign spokesman said the solution was to install more cycle lanes on roads. He said: “Instead of cracking down on rogue cyclists, we should consider why they are cycling in Kensington Gardens in the first place — because the surrounding roads are terrifying and car-dominated. Where there are separate cycle tracks, people use them.”

Simon Richards, who leads the Royal Parks’ cycling board, said: “For everyone’s sake we want to encourage cyclists to adjust their behaviour when moving from busy roads to peaceful paths.”

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