November: free entertainment for the whole family in London and other cities in the UK

November is the month of carnivals, fireworks and Christmas anticipation. The days become shorter, you want to leave the house less and less, but a small trip with your family or friends is an excellent idea that will cheer you up. Especially if you do not have to pay for entertainment. Here you can see the list of free events in November, which will be held in London and other cities. Today, to see the amazing firework, you already have to pay. Fortunately, there are still a few places where you can enjoy it for free.

November 3rd, 19:30. Big Boom Fireworks in Norwich. The best place from which you can observe the fifth Big Boom fireworks - the square near the building of the Norwich municipality. The fireworks themselves will be launched from the hill of the Norwich Castle. The performance will be accompanied by music.

4th of November, 20:00. Fireworks in Blackheath. Every year, about 100 thousand people gather for these fireworks in the suburbs of London, so do not loose sight of the children if you are going to take them with you. On a huge field, Guy Fawkes Day is celebrated from noon: there are attractions, at the fair they sell food and drinks, and at 20.00 a pyrotechnic show starts. Salute can be seen from one of the London hills (Hampstead-Hit, Greenwich Park or Primrose Hill are quite suitable). And at the same time you can have a picnic there. Just do not bring fireworks with you: it is forbidden.

4th of November, 19:00. Fireworks in Caerphilly, South Wales. The medieval castle of Caerphilly is a very spectacular backdrop for a beautiful free salute.

November 4th, 10:00-22:00. Carnival in Bridgewater, Somerset. All day on the streets of the city tourists will enjoy the clowns, magicians, jugglers and acrobats, street theaters will show their plays, and for children separate entertainment will be organized. In the evening the carnival procession will pass through the city. At the end of the parade, the time will come for the Volcano Show - a unique action: 150 pyrotechnic volcanoes attached to special poles, will be set on fire and carried in two rows along the main street. A bright sight!

November 4th. Tar Barrels in Otteri St. Mary, South Devon. At the doors of each pub in the city, tar barrels will be set on fire, and then they will be carried along the busy streets. Then, on the bank of the Otter River, the biggest bonfire in the south-west of Great Britain will be lit: the height of its flame reaches ten meters. This spectacular tradition was born back in the XVII century.

November 5th, 17:00-21:00. Fireworks in Glasgow. Until 17:00, enjoy food and drinks, walk around the fair and ride the attractions of the Glasgow Green Park. And the evening will end with a colorful salute.

4th and 5th of November. Skegness Beach Race, Lincolnshire. For the first time this beach race was held in 2010. Today it has already turned into one of the largest off-road motocrosses in the UK and gathers crowds of spectators. Motorcycles have to overcome a difficult route with embankments, trampolines and hairpins. Thrills are guaranteed even to the audience.

November 5th, 6:00-16:30. Veteran Car Run. London – Brighton. All London morning people and car guys are invited to watch this annual event. This year more than 400 cars will join the run. The movement will start from Hyde Park.

10th of November. Weston-super-Mare Carnival, North Somerset. More than 140 platforms with shining lights will take part in a three-hour carnival procession. Music, fancy costumes and street performances will create the atmosphere of the true holiday in this small resort town.

November 11th, from 8:30. Lord Mayor March in London. This tradition is more than 800 years old: the newly elected Lord Mayor of London, taking office, overcomes the distance from the City to Westminster, where he swears allegiance to the Crown. The procession of the lord Mayor is the most ancient ceremonial procession in the world and one of the most luxurious. Its participants leave at 8:30. But the brightest spectacle will be seen by spectators who took seats in the area of ​​the station "St. Paul's Cathedral" about 12:00. The action will end at 17:15 with a festive salute on the Thames.

16th-19th of November, 16:30-23:00. Lumiere Festival in Durham. Whole Durham will be transformed by 29 giant installations and light sculptures. This festival is the most large-scale celebration of the light in the UK, and it is definitely worth visiting it.

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