Revealed: Skint Londoners consider wine an 'essential' while City workers enjoy gin with herbs

Londoners trying to save money consider wine an essential more than anywhere else in the UK, a report into Britain’s booze habits has found.

City workers enjoy drinking gin with herbs and people in London are also most likely to sip gin on its own without a mixer - writes

The figures come from Waitrose’s annual food and drink report, published on Wednesday, into culinary trends recorded by the supermarket giantover the past year.

The John Lewis-owned supermarket chain, known for its high quality food, discovered people in the south of England drink more boxes of wine than anywhere else while champagne tops the list as Glasgow’s best-selling wine.

Cider has seen its biggest boom in growth in the Midlands while people in Northern Ireland are the most generous, splashing out on the priciest bottle of wine when giving a gift. Port and sherry is most popular in Cambridge, the report found.

London's booze and food habits

  • WINE: Londoners are most likely in the UK to take a bottle of wine for a dinner party host – but they also prefer to keep a special bottle of wine for themselves.
  • People in the capital are also most likely to buy the same wine every week and also judge wine by the label more than people anywhere else.
  • Londoners are also least likely to cut back on wine if trying to save money
  • GIN: People in the city are more likely to sip gin on its own and also use it as an ingredient in cooking.
  • Cucumber or herbs is the most popular gin and tonic garnish for Londoners.
  • EATING: One third of Londoners have a go-to recipe to use up food which is about to go off, higher than anywhere else in the country.
  • 46% of Londoners say eating out alone is more socially acceptable than it was five years ago- the highest proportion in the UK.

Foods which rose in popularity across the whole of Britain include carbs, turmeric, dark green vegetables, blueberries, peanut butter and juniper berries, Waitrose reported.

Shoppers say they are buying more reduced-to-clear food than ever citing the money-saving benefits, with bargain food nearing the sell-by date most popular among younger shoppers aged 18 to 24.

People in London are more likely than anywhere else in the country to regularly visit a supermarket more than once a day, the report concluded.

Beef is still Britain’s favourite pie filling with chicken second, but Waitrose said more than half of all their venison pies are bought by Londoners.

The annual food and drink report, which comes out every year, also made some predictions for the biggest food trends in 2018.

Tapas-style Indian street food and plant-based proteins are expected to be on the up, as well as the interesting concept of a “fourth meal” in addition to the traditional breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“This is not about gluttony,” the supermarket report said.

“It is about adapting our eating schedules to our busy lives. If dinner’s particularly early one evening, why not have a mini cheese on toast before you go to bed?”

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