British children are the most unprotected in the "first world"

The UK was at the first positions of the anti-reting of the world's richest countries with the lowest level of welfare of the child population. Such data is given by the Unicef ​​organization, which estimated 41 countries of the "first world" in 25 indicators. The aim of the study is to eradicate child poverty and hunger, strengthen children's health and provide quality education. The report indicates that in most of the richest countries in the world, the gap between the rich and the poor is widening, and the sad thing this that almost none of these countries are carrying out purposeful work to improve the health of children.

"Inequality in income is growing, adolescent mental health is becoming worse, and childhood obesity is becoming an increasing problem," - the report said. The report also notes that almost one in five British children under the age of 15 can not afford enough of healthy and nutritious food. Every third child from the UK falls under Unicef's definition of poverty in several different categories, such as: non-observance of children's rights, lack of housing, clothing or access to social infrastructure and entertainment. Sarah Cook, director of Unicef ​​Innocenti, who conducted the study, said that the report is "the first alarm" for the government.

Even in countries with high incomes, progress is not always to the benefit of children. "Higher incomes do not automatically lead to an improvement in the standard of living for all children and can actually exacerbate inequality. Governments of all countries need to take steps to ensure that gaps are reduced and progress is made in achieving the goals of providing stable development for children," - added Sarah Cook. However, the report acknowledges that positive progress has been made in many areas, and the vast majority of rich countries have managed to reduce the mortality rate among newborns, the suicides of adolescents and the number of killers among children.

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