The drone made the landing of airliners in Gatwick impossible

Flights of the drone near Gatwick Airport caused the closure of the airstrip for five flights. As a result, the liners had to land at other airports, and the airlines had to offer passengers bus tickets to London. The police have already begun investigating the incident. In particular, the detectives are looking for the owner of the drone to find out the purpose of the radio-controlled device in the vicinity of the London airport. Note that the Gatwick airstrip had to be close twice: once for 9 minutes a day, and the second time - for 4 minutes in the evening. Because of this, landing of 4 flights of budget airline EasyJet and one flight of the national air carrier of Great Britain - British Airways were canceled.

EasyJet has already apologized to its passengers because of the inconvenience caused by landing at another airport. The company's statement also says that "passengers` safety is above all". Meanwhile, Gatwick airport has not yet commented on the incident with the drone. It is noteworthy, that this is not the first trouble in recent times for the budget airline EasyJet. Earlier, an emergency was announced at the Scottish airport Inverness after the EasyJet was forced to land immediately after take-off. The reason was a bird that hit the engine when gaining height. Immediately after the report of the crew about the need for emergency landing, fire trucks and ambulances were sent on the take-off field.

Drone landing airliners Gatwick impossible London
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