London topped the rating of cities for cyber crimes

Norfolk turned out to be a city where cyber-fraud in the dating sphere takes place, Surrey suffers from investment fraudsters, and the West and the center of Wales suffer from computer viruses. These data is shown in the center for counteraction of computer crimes "Action Fraud". This situation raises a lot of fears, and activists of the center require the government to pay attention to the cyber crimes problem. Recent study by the Office of National Statistics showed that every year about 5.4 million cases of fraud and crime involving computers and the Internet are recorded in the UK .

Residents of Northamptonshire are more likely to report fraud during online shopping. Here the index of such crimes is 21.6 victims per 10 000 people. At the same time, the average for the country, this index does not exceed 16.9 victims. Those, who live in Dorset, are more likely to face computer viruses and malicious software. In the period from 2014 to 2016, 15 561 cases were recorded here.

London is not only the capital of Great Britain, but also the leader in fraudulent activities on the Internet. Only in the last year 16,249 reports about hacking accounts in social networks were recorded. As an expert in the money circulation sphere, Gareth Shaw, said, cyber-criminals constantly find new methods for thefts and crimes. "The government needs to work out a radical program to fight fraud, while law enforcement agencies need to work hard to identify and protect people," - added Gareth Shaw.

London topped rating cities cyber crimes
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