Biker gang Outlaws returned to London

After 10 years in London, bikers from the Outlaws (gang decided to make a new PR move and opened their own club in the UK capital. But, according to experts, this can provoke an intensified clash with the rival club Hells Angels.

Outlaws bikers opened their club in a one-story building on 1103 Brydges St. The irony is that bikers from the gang with a fancy criminal name will spend a lot of time in the same block, where the London police center is located. Experts are sure that their competitors from Hells Angels are already outraged by this act of Outlaws, which began a kind of economic expansion into their traditional territory.

It should be emphasized that one of the income items of both clubs is the drug trade. It should be noted, that the Outlaws bikers appeared in London in 1977 and dominated their field in the capital for a long time. But in 2001, Hells Angels appeared in London, which knocked out the "criminals" (Outlaws).

Biker gang Outlaws returned London
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