Mayor's vision for cycling

The Mayor's vision is for cycling in London will become an integral part of the transport network. It should be a normal part of everyday life, something people hardly think about and feel comfortable doing in ordinary clothes.

  • Achieving this ambition
  • Funding
  • Crossrail for the bike
  • Better Superhighways
  • Quietways
  • Mini-Hollands
  • Cycle Hire
  • The Mayor's Vision for Cycling: three years on

Achieving this ambition

The Mayor’s Vision for Cycling document sets out how this will be achieved, focusing on four main outcomes:

A Tube network for the bike. London will have a network of direct, joined-up cycle tracks, with many running in parallel with key Underground, rail and bus routes.

Safer streets for the bike. Spending on the Better Junctions programme will be significantly increased and substantial improvements to the worst junctions will be prioritised. With government help, a range of radical measures will improve the safety of cyclists around large vehicles.

More people travelling by bike. We will 'normalise' cycling, making it something anyone feels comfortable doing.

Better places for everyone. The new bike routes are a step towards the Mayor's vision of a 'village in the city', with more trees, more space for pedestrians and less traffic.

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London Cycling
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