Thousands of drivers in London use the phone while driving, despite strengthened fines.

Thousands of drivers were caught violating the ban on the use of mobile phones while driving, despite the measures taken. Police in Britain have already fined 6,000 drivers and a third of them are in London, according to the Press Association. Every day over 200 drivers violate the ban.

Many people express concern at this, since the public has repeatedly called on drivers to be careful on the roads and not to use cell-phone while driving. Since 1st of March, those who violate the ban will receive 6 penalty points and a fine of 200 pounds - previously the drivers got 3 penalty points and 100 pounds fine. Now, drivers can lose their license just because of one chat message.

According to the Press Association, there were 5 977 violations of the ban in 4 weeks. Metropolitan Police registered 2,037 cases, which means that every day more than 70 drivers were caught using the phone while driving. Thames Valley Police recorded 478 cases, Police Scotland - 339, Hampshire Police - 280 and Cheshire Police - 224 cases. The police said they want to amount the use of mobile phone while driving to driving under the influence.

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