London weather – fog!

London weather

How much each of us had heard of true London weather – damp and the fog! In part, we must thank the domestic (and foreign too), cinema, presenting us London as always grey and wet city, the village dark and uptight people. But all this is only a small fraction of the truth that you have yet to learn on the spot.

In fact, the local climate is very peculiar. The proximity to the Atlantic made the weather of great Britain a very Moody and unpredictable. Even being on the spot is difficult to predict what will be the weather in London now – at the moment, and what it will become in a few hours. Huge flows of moist air is able to instantly transform a warm Sunny day, bringing with them the notorious fog and light rain. However, all this ceases as if by magic within a few minutes.

Of course, it is very difficult to get used to such weather rides – we have some time to experience the discomfort of acclimatization. It may stretch out for a few days, or even weeks – depending on how much time you plan to spend in London. To mitigate the effect of habituation to the local climate can be adjusted to your lifestyle, diet and fluid intake. But before to change their habits dramatically, you should consult a doctor who will surely give their recommendations.

Perhaps many have heard the myth that cheese in London the climate in susceptible people often develop diseases such as sciatica, arthritis, gout and other. Of course, neither myth does not appear in a vacuum, but specifically, this was true in the distant nineteenth century, when the winter and autumn time, the majority of London houses are not heated properly. Fireplaces used in those days, almost did not save the situation, warming up a very small space, around which revolved the whole life at home. the same people were sleeping in cold damp rooms, in beds which are pre-heated by means of special devices and coals from the fireplace.

The most appropriate word to describe the weather of London in the cold season – dank. The wind, constantly chasing streams damp cool air, gives citizens the greatest inconvenience. It was the Londoners set the trend for tweed woolen fabric that protects from the signs of bad weather to help retain body heat. In the warm season, particularly in summer, London is not suffering from the heat and cooled down regularly in small rains, which are not uncommon.

Finally – a few practical tips. In order to see which reigns the weather in London is now little to look out the window – as has been said, weather here can change instantly. Therefore it is better to use the advice of the weather forecasters here have the status of gods. Credibility here is very high, but they could be wrong that causes a series of sad jokes, passed from mouth to mouth.

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London weather
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