This poor cat has been left unable to move after she was savaged by a dog

A cat has been left unable to move after an attack its owner thinks was done by a dog.

The black and white feline has suffered deep puncture wounds and a fractured pelvis after she was attacked in the evening of Sunday, May 14.

Jilly's owner, who doesn't want to be named, said she was attacked by a dog.

She said: "I heard a male voice shout "come away" and "leave it". His voice was so loud so I flew down the stairs but did not see anybody around with a dog. I found Jilly stretched up against the wall under a bush.

"As I picked her up she bit my hand, she was traumatised. She was bleeding and in a really bad way.

Jilly is now caged bound because she is unable to move.

Orpington Cat Rescue, a small not-for-profit organisation who rehome and rescue cats, said Jilly's wounds were most likely inflicted by a dog.

A spokesman for the rescue said: "Her puncture wounds were deep and where she was found was too open for it to have been a fox. We think it is most likely a dog.

"Dogs should be on leads in residential areas and I would urge dog owners to be responsible when walking their dogs."

Jilly, who has been fostered for three years and seven months, will be confined for six weeks.

Her owner said she has spoken to the police but wants to know if anyone witnessed what happened.

Jilly was attacked in Chipperfield Road, towards Midfield Way between 7 and 8pm on May 14.

Her owner said: "Jilly loves being outdoors during the day enjoying the warm weather and now the whole of June is lost for her.

"I would like to know if anybody witnessed this, and if so, please contact Orpington Cat Rescue."

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