Hopeless romantic writes world's longest love poem totalling 2,413 words

Britain's most hopeless romantic has written the world's longest love poem but is still single.

Rajinder Tumber, 34, has beaten the world record for his ode to a woman, but says it "wasn't for anyone in particular".

The rhyming poem is called Divine Verse, totalling at 2,413 words.

But Rajinder, a cyber security specialist from Belvedere, south east London, is still looking for love.

If I could find love with the poem, I'd be very grateful and happy.
At the moment it is more about the concept of love itself, but you can always make time for a partner - love is the priority.
It's just a case of finding the right one, it is difficult to find a partner. I nearly died from meningitis about six years ago, and that changed my outlook in life. The most important thing is love and the other is helping others.
I want to contribute to the world and leave a legacy, it is making a statement by breaking that world record.


The poem is split into four parts and is made up of 244 lines. Rajinder has also written books on philosophy and ancient history, and a sci-fi novel.

His poem beats the current record - 'Evening Star', by Romanian poet Mihai Eminescu.

The opening stanza is: "Here I speak of two hearts, beating as one, Here I speak of a profound love, just begun. I shall begin by introducing the arena, Eden, crafted by goddesses, Aphrodite and Athena."

Here's the poem in full:

Here I speak of two hearts, beating as one, Here I speak of a profound love, just begun. I shall begin by introducing the arena, Eden, crafted by goddesses, Aphrodite and Athena.

As starlight dims, The glow of the sun brims. Above, a DaVinci masterpiece, All encompassing, the sound of peace.

Eden dances across the sky, Kissing the scorpion passing by. Now she stands tall in Ophiuchus, Far from the archer Sagittarius.

In a shroud of harmony, Encased within her shield are three. Blessed are they, upon her isle, The Elysian Field, stretching many a mile.

Hosts grand towers of time, Erected upon a hill sublime. One black, one white, They are truly a divine sight.

Amongst the three, stands a mighty & wise tree. Deeply-rooted in the golden section, can it really be? Resting between the two towers, Sweet are its fruits and surrounding flowers.

Eden's time is the beginning of myths. Her towers' clocks indicate the abyss. Have Atlantis and Lemuria survived? Can it be that Arya has arrived?

II. Serpent's Temptation Regardless of time, or whether upon land or sea or air, There is one immortal truth, the truth of love, which this poem shall bear. It is with love that we breathe, grow, and pierce darkness as if a spear. It is with love that we transcend towards freedom from fear.

In the garden's opulent paradise, Three converse, two not yet aware of love's price. They were created from the five-pointed star, Adam and Eve, these are.

The third is not of this world, some say malevolent. Others say this Serpent is benevolent, The bringer of light, That he is misunderstood, and his wisdom is bright.

"O Adam and Eve, I am Nachash, the guardian of this tree, Keeper of this forbidden fruit hanging for all to see. You do not know the true essence of its power, You do not understand the freedom it will shower."

"Hold your tongue, O Serpent of old, I, Adam, cannot trust you, how can you act so bold? I was made from my father's own hands, from his breath, and from clay. I have been placed in this Garden with Eve, to do what you have failed to do to this day.

The gifts bestowed upon me allow me to know all there is to know. I can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell all there is, this life has nothing further to show." "Oh Adam you're mistaken, your veil of illusion has not yet unravelled, Let me take you both to the source of life, that which is love, it will have your hearts rumbled."

"I do know not of love, and so it cannot be important. I don't need it, and neither does Eve, O Serpent. We will replenish the earth without this love, There is no illusion with our five gifts, given by our father above."

"Let me help you Adam. You are my younger brother. You are merely of clay, but I am your superior other. I was endowed with sapphires, emeralds, diamonds, and more. Your father the same as mine, the heart's power you must not ignore.

You have been created mortal, but I am not. I am king of this beautiful isle, and your heart clearly has a blind-spot." "Listen to the Serpent O Adam, don't be hasty in your judgement, Perhaps we should believe in his proposed adjustment."

"Silence Eve! I will not tolerate being questioned, Troublesome is this Serpent, I won't allow myself to be threatened! Be gone with you Serpent, I don't want you by my side, Eve, you were created from me, to be with me, so with me you must abide!"

"I am with you Adam, father must have wished it so, But the Serpent is here also, and my mind cannot let this issue go." "Father will hear of this Eve, you are mine to own and mine alone. Towards the west I will now go, I don't need you, I alone am worthy of this isle's throne."

From the Serpent's words, Eve has done what Adam has not, In silence and reflection, Eve opens her heart, her intuition aloft. "I know not, O Serpent, from where you have fallen, And I must confess, my mind is now broken."

"Your mind is not broken but open my dear, Allow me to purify your mind, heart, and spirit. Have no fear." "But how O Serpent? What will you do?" "Eve, give me your trust and both of your ears."

"Adam's ignorance gave him a false premonition, For which his ego sought for some retribution. Eve, take a seat like this lotus flower, Close your eyes, take a bite of this fruit, and I'll show you true power."

From the fruit's spark, Eve's curiosity has now been set aflame, With no thought of Adam's departure, she feels no shame. "Now take my hand Eve and let me guide you through, I'll show you the source of this universe, the beauty within you.

Eve, before you were placed in the Garden of Eden, Above all creatures, I thought my heart could not weaken. I alone ruled upon these beautiful lands. But right now, you possess my heart in your hands.

I know of our father's commandments, But with you here I feel an enchantment. I know you & Adam are to replenish the earth, But you entice me and I feel rebirth."

"This fruit is awakening the extraordinary, Serpent, my mind is becoming clearly visionary. From this forbidden fruit, mysticism is being revealed, And I confess my loyalty to Adam is now not sealed.

I'm seeing a mesh of rainbow patterns, symmetric in their scatter, I find it hard to distinguish between different states of matter. This fruit is ripping through my veins, and the feeling is exquisite, I'm taken to beyond my wildest imagination, O Serpent, I must re-visit.

Serpent why have you done this to me? I am now torn, this magic has me caring for thee." "Eve my dear, Eden's beauty is true, She grows only that which has divine hue.

Open your eyes now my dear, and stare into mine, I will illuminate your world, show you that which is purely divine. In order to explore, you must first show me the door. Let me in Eve, and I'll show you what you never knew before."

"My heart is racing O Serpent; I am filled with desire. I cannot explain what I am feeling, but it is you I'm beginning to admire. These roses around us, I, their mother would be, So to my lover, a more meaningful gift from me."

"My delicate Eve, my care for you has now risen." "Nachash, I now see you with new eyes, I hear you with new ears, I feel your magnetism." "My queen, you have now awoken from the confined dream. Now you have become the dreamer of your own dream.

Now Eve, you will perceive the boundless world that is true, Now you will feel as I do, the love that runs between me and you. The magnetism you speak of harnesses the power of Zeus, With this, your heart, mind and spirit's desires will come true."

"I seek to indulge in prosperity and abundance, with no chores; I wish to live adventurously among the universal laws. I want to discard the veil hiding life's mysteries; I want to love with passion and intensity."

"Eve, I will take you as my wife, my beautiful buttercup, Adam is content to experience this paradise with his eyes quite shut. He sees you as a mere vessel, placed beneath his feet, But I know you're a queen of queens, be by my side Eve, take your destined seat.

Using my celestial powers from above, I will grant your desires here below, my love. Let us focus upon your mind's eye; Let us call upon the Guardians, where the Otherworld lies."

The Serpent looks across then at the celestial chart, And with a smile, he booms the following chant: "The two towers of time paint the peak of my power, Ruling now are Jupiter and Mars, and this is the prime hour.

Stand with me within this six-pointed circle, Upon the ground, I mark the sigils to invoke those eternal. Their answer will be swifter than human thought, Eve, come and willingly offer your life force.

Hear me O divine, so intelligent and prime. I ask for your power at this measure in time. Now gaze through this engraved mirror, Eve my love, See your life with me, it will suit you perfectly, fitting like a glove."

"Who are you truly Serpent? And why are you here?" "Eve, I am now your servant, I am here to free you from bondage and show you love so dear."

"As the mirror reveals, we can rule the earth together, Our combined strength and loyalty will make our love last forever. We will give birth to illustrious children; they shall be mightier than warships, They will become legends in years afar; by the world they shall be worshipped.

They will rule the heavens above; All will bow to their name. With your immaculate beauty, they will be loved; With my flaming might & wisdom, they will lead with fame."

"O Serpent, your ways are electrifying me from within, So many emotions to describe, but I don't know where to begin." "Eve, there is no need for words, you can show me all at once, We will perfect your divine forces with complete mergence.

I will take you beyond lust and desire; I will whisk you away to a level of consciousness far higher. I will promise that upon you, there will be no demand; I will be a slave to your every command.

I hold the key to your gate of divine unity, Once entered, I promise your spirit will explode with ecstasy." "O Serpent, my love, take me now and do what you must. I cannot contain my desire and lust.

Take me to a higher plane, Upon which our love can reign." Before the Serpent can embrace Eve with his sensual decant, An answer appears from the Serpent's magical chant.

III. Six Cherubs Blue flames erupt out of nowhere from the air in front, One-by-one, the six cherubs descend, like an oceanfront. Appearing beautiful and innocent, their feathered wings flutter; They come with golden trumpets, flutes, harps, swooping down without utter.

Like a symphony, in synchronicity, a harmonious melody they play, Catching the frequency of the lovers, causing their heads to sway. Now the cherubs begin to sing, sounding like a fairytale story, "Holy holy is this divine king, taking this fair lady to heavenly glory!"

Praise them with trumpet sound; praise them with flutes and harps! Play the strings so sweet they touch the lovers' hearts. Praise them with tambourine and dance; Praise them with clashing cymbals; come under our trance!"

Surrounding the lovers' circle, they continue to dance, The six continue their symphony, engaging the art of romance. They stand six feet from the lovers' circle, and six feet from each other, Viewed from above as a winged six-pointed star, they now begin to silence one another.

Between the lovers' circle and the winged star, A sweet scent begins to gust in the air, and to Eve it's quite bizarre. A fluid form arises from the ground with luminous flashes. It's as if a phoenix is arising from its ashes.

IV. The Vows The luminous fluid begins to congeal as a standing figure, Eve asks "Once formless from the ground, what is this object getting bigger?" The helping hand behind Eden now stands before the lovers, Drunkenness fills those gazing upon her beauty; it's a wonder how anyone recovers.

Adorned in rich coloured jewellery, and her magical girdle, A dove coos upon her shoulder, admiring the lovers' circle. "Have no fear O maiden of the Wise One, I am the goddess Aphrodite, who crafted Eden during midsummer's Sun.

Nachash, Eve... We are gathered together on this day to complete your sacred unity, Here, I hold the heavenly covenant between you and the divinity." Hand-in-hand, the lovers stand proud with a sparkle in their eyes. Aphrodite gives an endearing look, which perhaps only a high priestess can guise.

"You both must pledge yourselves to the world's service, As others and I will pledge to your service. Your offspring shall spread far and wide, Throughout every continent and ocean worldwide.

Nachash, Eve... Near and afar, with your hearts, you shall strive to be worthy of each other's trust, Supporting each other, sharing heavenly traditions, and in your leadership be just. Cherishing each other beyond bounds of time, You will spread peace and wisdom upon the world, illuminating the paradigm."

"My love, I Eve, solemnly swear that I will loyally reign and your Queen be. I sincerely pledge myself to your service, as you pledge to me." "My love, I Nachash, solemnly swear I will loyally reign and your King be. I sincerely pledge myself to your service, as you pledge to me."

"Eve, hold out your hand, with your palm facing the heavens, Nachash, place your hand below Eves, and both of you wait for several seconds." A pair of exquisite wedding rings descend from the clouds upon Eve's palm, Encrusted with diamonds, sapphires, emeralds and more, it's impossible for Eve to remain calm!

The lovers place the rings upon each other's blessed fingers, Staring into each other's eyes, they now feel like true winners. "I Aphrodite declare the heavenly covenant is now bound, Between mortal and immortal worlds, your marriage is now bound."

Triumphant are all, having reached a new frontier. Aphrodite and the cherubs rejoice and cheer: "God save the King and Queen! Long live the King and Queen!"

The goddess reverts to her formless state and rejoins the ground; The cherubs dance away and ascend to the background. The lovers step out from the magical circle hand-in-hand, Walking towards the divine towers of time, deep in love they stand.

Now in the centre of the grand black and white, The groom clicks his fingers forthright. Suddenly, just a footstep away, a heavy door of oak springs from nowhere, Elegantly, it is decorated with the incision of magical runes with flair.

With a mind of its own, the enchanted door begins to open. From inside, a blinding light blesses the lovers, now blazon. This is where this love story ends, between husband and wife, Love... the divine, is the meaning of life.

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