The man was killed in front of his girlfriend when they left the cinema in Romford.

The young man was stabbed several times, which were fatal for him. The murder happened right in front of his girlfriend. The couple walked to the car from the cinema. The attack occurred at the parking of a famous shopping center in east London.

His murder occurred at a time when Met Commissioner, Cressida Dick, told members if the public in central London about what actions London police takes to prevent an epidemic of the knife attacks in the capital. The man became the 14th victim of attacks on the streets of London in the last 4 weeks.

Witnesses reported that a young man was trapped by a gang of teenagers when he and his girlfriend left the Vue cinema in the Brewery Shopping Center.

Passers-by gave first aid to the 20-year-old victim after the attack. He died in the hospital.

Judy Freeman, tried to make cardiopulmonary resuscitation. She said: "The attackers ran away, and it seemed that his girlfriend thought that everything was fine with him. But later he fell down near the car. The stab wound was caused near the heart or even into it. I put him on his back and kept pressure on the wound. Another man helped me with resuscitation. The wounded man tried to say something, but he could not. He had difficulties with breathing."

Four people have been already interviewed in connection with this murder.

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