OOPS! Van loses load after getting stuck under low bridge

A van lost its load trying to squeeze under a very low bridge.

The Kendall's van blocked Lower Downs Road after it got stuck under the clearly marked bridge yesterday afternoon.

Ben Cropper saw the van emerge out of the other side of the tunnel missing its rear end.

He said: "I was approaching the the bridge from the other side, heard an almighty bang and then saw the truck emerging from the tunnel, minus its rear end.

"The guys got out of the cab and uttered the obligatory "for f*** sake...", which pretty much summed it up really.

"It was about as put a jolt of schadenfreude as I've experienced."

He added: "The funny thing is that anyone who's ever hired a van from Kendall knows there's a big picture in reception of one of their trucks stuck under this bridge which the phrase 'no it won't' under it."

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