Social experiment: how Londoners respond to an ownerless pile of money.

After participating in the exhibition of contemporary art, the artist Lana Mezik decided to scatter a bag of change, which was a part of her art installation, on the street, and observe the reaction of passers-by. Three hundred pounds sterling, changed for two-penny coins, were thrown on the pedestrian path near Regent's Canal.

That was made within "social experiment", which was arranged by the artist Lana Mezik and the operator of the AirBnB service Jamal McMurran. Having scattered a bag of change on the road below the windows of the apartment, they turned on the video recording in order to capture the reaction of passers-by to ownerless wealth. And find out for how long it will remain unclaimed.

The experiment started at 9 a.m. of the working day; observers were amused by the reaction to the "treasure" of passing by children aged about eight or ten years old, who dropped their bicycles and started to play on a pile of coins like in the sandbox. Another unusual reaction was later recorded by a camera: the young man trampled on the pile of money, then showered himself with a handful of coins, but left without taking a penny.

Most often people came to the heap of money in order to stealthily take a couple of pennies "for luck", others with pleasure threw a handful of coins in the water of the Regent's Channel, and almost no one tried to fill their pockets with coins: probably passers-by realized that the game was not worth the candle, and there is no practical benefit from taking heavy heavy coins of low face value.

The experiment stopped abruptly and predictably: at 12:40, two men with sports bags appeared on the canal bank, quickly gathered all the coins and disappeared to an unknown destination, getting rich on, at least, two hundred pounds sterling within minutes.

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