London's private school will introduce "gender neutral" uniform.

Prestigious private school in the north of London allowed students who haven`t identified their sexuality to wear uniform skirts.

The management of the private school Highgate School announced the introduction of gender neutral uniform due to sharp increase in the number of students who claim to be transsexual; students will be allowed to wear uniform skirts and use "gender neutral" bathrooms.

The decision was made on the statistics basis of the Clinic of Gender Identity at the NHS Tavistok & Portman Trust, according to which more than 2,000 people under the age of eighteen applied for consultation on gender reassigment last year.

Such manifestation of tolerance hasn`t found an understanding among parents of Highgate School students: critics are sure that emphasizing the topic of transgenderism arouses unhealthy interest and imitative behavior among adolescents who have no problems with gender self-identification in fact, but consider this to be a way to "stand out from the gray mass".

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