Police search garages in hunt for body of murdered schoolgirl Danielle Jones

Danielle Jones was 15 went she went missing in 2001 Credit: PA

A garage block is being searched in connection with the murder of schoolgirl Danielle Jones in 2001.

Danielle, 15, went missing after leaving her home in East Tilbury to catch a bus to school.

The scene on Goddard Road in Stifford Clays, Thurrock Credit: PA

Her uncle, Stuart Campbell, of Grays, Essex, was convicted and jailed for life for her kidnap and murder, but he has never admitted how he killed Danielle or where she is.

Police are searching the garage block in Stifford Clays, Thurrock, and say they have not ruled out the possibility the 15-year-old's body may be buried there.

Danielle's body has never been found Credit: PA

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Worron, head of Kent and Essex Serious Crime Directorate, described the search of the garages, which are between Goddard Road and Crammavill Street in Stifford Clays in Thurrock, as a "credible line of inquiry".

It comes after police received information earlier this year of "unusual activity" at the site, he said.

Danielle's parents Linda and Tony Jones said: “We are extremely grateful that the police are following up this information and we know they are determined to do whatever they can to find Danielle.

“We think about Danielle every day and we hope that this latest search may bring us answers to what happened to her 16 years ago.”

Tony and Linda Jones, the parents of Danielle Jones, arrive at the scene Credit: PA

The force said "non-specific information was received in 2001 relating to this garage area", however, these garages were not searched during the 2001 investigation.

Police are "working to ascertain why these were not searched as part of the original investigation".

Her uncle Stuart Campbell was convicted and jailed for life for her kidnap and murder Credit: PA

Assistant Chief Constable Steve Worron, head of the SCD, said: “Over the course of the investigation more than 750 police officers and staff worked tirelessly to find out for her family what happened to Danielle.

"To date Stuart Campbell has shown no remorse for his crime and has not told police or Danielle’s family where her body is.

“We received information earlier this year that there had been unusual activity in the garage block around the time of Danielle’s disappearance.

“We are following a credible line of enquiry in respect of this garage block and I am absolutely committed to conducting a thorough and professional search to see if we can bring the Jones family any closer to knowing what happened to Danielle 16 years ago.”

Mr Worron said this search could "conclude once and for all" if this is where the body of the 15-year-old schoolgirl has been buried, adding that "any search of this kind is significant".

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