London became the center of financial fraud in Britain.

The British capital became the leader in the country in terms of fraudulent operations which are committed to steal money from citizens. As InfoSecurity specifies with reference to the research of analysts of Barclays Bank, now only17% of British citizens really assess the level of digital threats.

Most Londoners are still careless about these threats, although they are highly educated category of population. And they still make banking operations without using additional options to protect their data. The British at the age of 18-35 years are in the risk zone, as they almost do not care about the safety of their bank accounts.

On the contrary, the category of the population that is over the age of 35, listens to the advice of banks and constantly applies various mechanisms for hiding personal data. London, Bristol and Manchester were among the top three in terms of fraudulent transactions with bank cards and accounts.

Over the past three years, about 25% of the British population faced fraudsters directly and indirectly, and often the latter managed to steal the money of citizens. Analysts at Barclays emphasize that currently the priority of all creditinstitutions is the ongoing modernization of the digital security system.

Banks introduce the latest achievements of science and technology in this direction and pay attention to the protection of clients` personal data, since they bear great reputation losses if criminals systematically steal money from citizens and companies from this bank.

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