The Prime Minister expects the Conservatives' General Election manifesto point would save 17 million families up to £100 a year

THERESA May today pledges to enforce a cap on energy bills to end the “injustice” of fat cat firms ripping off poor customers.

The PM unveils one of her flagship policies of the general election campaign with an article in the Sun today.

Theresa May has unveiled one of her flagship manifesto policies for the upcoming General Election.

Under her bold plan, watchdog Ofgem will set a maximum figure that firms can charge for units of electricity and gas every six months.

Mrs May reveals she expects the tough move to save 17 million families stuck on poor value tariffs as much as £100 a year.

Marking her personal stamp on the controversial initiative, the PM insists it proves her “determination to stand up for Sun readers” – in a hint there is also more action for struggling workers to come.

Her declaration ends a bitter Cabinet fight over the plan, which has been long called-for by The Sun.

Some senior ministers fought to stop the major intervention in the market, insisting it was “un-Tory” and would fail to lower prices.

A government-backed report last year found homes are already paying £1.4 billion a year more than they need to for gas and electricity

But the PM writes: “It is clear to me that the energy market is not working for ordinary working families.

“Too many people simply aren’t getting a fair deal.

“I am re-elected on June 8, I will take action to end this injustice by introducing a cap on unfair energy price rises.”

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