The lead single, ‘Echo Saw You’, showcases Christina’s sublime vocals over a muted, percussive bass riff. Kaleida felt it a fitting introduction to the album because “it’s a sound that says something about the album. I think with this song, we were trying to create a sound world, rather than it being a literal story.”

“The model where men control everything,” says Cicely Goulder, “and there’s a woman singing on top of music that men have produced, for men’s gratification, is breaking down.” Enter Kaleida, who are here to help it crumble. The duo write, record and produce all their music themselves.

The first thing they wrote together, the darting, minimalist ‘Think’, a song that makes you want to dance in slow motion, racked up 60,000 YouTube views the night they put it online. It’s about sex, says Christina, and wanting something you can’t have anymore – though it was the sinister edge to its sultriness that made it work so well in one of the most violent scenes in neo-noir thriller John Wick. With 34 million streams across all their singles to date, Kaleida has an impressive foundation of work.