PSG & Friends 18 hours of raving NYD starting from 12pm till 6am Garage meets house.

This is the first outing for a brand destined for big, big things in ‘18! It’s a great opportunity to experience the legendary PSG and the DJs and MCs,that he most admires,this is also a chance for no name djs in the scene that want a chance to play at a psg event,at the legendary Cargo right in the beating heart of Shoreditch.

We know that the festive season can be expensive so PSG & Friends is free before 5pm with a ticket, £1 before 8pm and a £5 before 11pm.

And did we mention that this celebration is 3 Rooms and 18 Hours!

Very Limited, First Come, First Served, VIP tables available by calling….

See you under the speakers on the 1st Day of a Bright New Year!

We can’t think of a better way to get all all our friends together to a soundtrack of the music we all love!


12pm -6am