This Funzing Experience:

Is a real life Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind actually possible? Can you really erase your past to have a better present and future? Can you go as far as altering your identity by changing your memories?

If we are the sum total of our experiences then our memory defines us. What if we were able to change or even remove our past memories, what impact would that have on our present state of mind? Can we really move on before we deal with past? Most people ruminate on the past, but this doesn’t help. There are far more effective ways of dealing with this now.

Matt Kendall is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and change-worker (a pretentious way of saying he helps people with emotional issues) who has spent the last 9 years researching memory, how it works and how it can be altered. The results have been mind blowing.

Where most therapy is considered to be “talking or understanding”, Matt takes a very different approach. Instead of talking about the problems he works with his clients to eliminate the troublesome memories that are causing anxiety, depression and other issues in the present. By fusing together different NLP, hypnotherapy and IEMT techniques he is able to help people get mental space and clarity.

In this interactive talk, Matt will be speaking about and demonstrating several techniques that can change memory;

Learn about the role of left and right brain activity in memory encoding and retrieval;

Gain several techniques you can take home and use to clear out unwanted memories and intrusive thoughts;

Experience what it is like to make painful and negative memories dissolve and become insignificant.

Matt is a Clinical Hypnotherapist and IEMT practitioner and trainer. Having studied under a range of trainers, Matt has his own unique approach towards therapy and change work.

Matt has extensive experience working with anxiety related issues, focusing heavily on social anxiety and confidence. Working at both male and female dating skills companies, Matt had thousands of hours of experience in helping people to really transform their lives by helping people let go of their past.

Matt adopts a no-nonsense direct approach and does not offer coaching, sympathy, care or support. He instead deals with people’s issues in a straight forward manner, helping his clients get extraordinary and life changing results from only a few sessions.

Venue: Cargo, Shoreditch

Doors: 7pm / Talk starts: 7.30pm.