London indie electro trio Strong Asian Mothers create a colourful blend of hip-hop, electronic music, and pop befitting their love of music and individual diverse backgrounds as artists (they count directing, acting, producing, and magic among their many pursuits). The band was formed in 2012 by childhood mates Kalim “Khushi” Patel and Amer Chadha-Patel. The duo quickly incorporated friend and former bandmate Josh “Rogan-Josh” Stadlen on drums and began experimenting.

Strong Asian Mothers took inspiration from the eponymous matriarchs who raised them. Pushing race and gender boundaries in ’80s England, their mothers were part of a close-knit South Asian female collective of countercultural artists and thinkers who joined their families together at parties and on holidays. This ethic was essential in their creation of the group, which represented their heritage while pushing creative and social boundaries. In the beginning, the threesome — who were coming off a stint in an indie rock band — dabbled with downbeat sounds, but wanted something more energetic: music to perform at parties. Accordingly, they changed their lyrical direction and added hip-hop beats and melodies.

If in the studio these three excel, then on the stage is where they truly come in to their own. The blend of styles and emphatic live show has been making waves on London’s gig scene and a string of headline spots for Communion have cemented them as one of the country’s most exciting and promising live acts. Blending electronic and live elements they seamlessly bridge the gap between gig and club and really bring the party.