Best exchange platform to instantly buy/sell any cryptocurrency in 2019

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8 reasons why you should use Quickex in 2019:
The lowest commission fees; convert your cryptocurrency at only 0.3% fee rate.
Best rates available on 20+ top exchange platforms.
Fast: up to 4 min per transaction.
Easy-to-use: one-tab and simple design turn every transaction into a pleasant experience.
No registration required.
Instantly processed buy and sell orders.
Fully anonymous.
No hidden commission fees.
Also, you do not have to pay any network fees. A network fee ‘is required to ensure your transaction is confirmed by the Bitcoin mining network and fluctuates based on volume on the network.’ The same definition is applicable to most other mining networks.

Quickex offers the best rates available. The exchange rates offered by the platform are calculated by a special robot that hooks into the most prominent exchange platforms, such as Poloniex, Binance, HitBTC and others, via their API, almost instantly aggregates the best sell and buy orders, matches them, picks the most lucrative option and renders the best rates. After that, the best of the rates offered is suspended for 10 minutes so a user has enough time to convert their cryptocurrency assets at the offered rate. Quickex plans to offer a wide range of exchange pairs and the list will be expanding over the time. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tether, XRP, EOS, fiat… you name it. By the end of 2019 you shall be able to convert up to 50+ cryptocurrencies from CoinMarketCap. And if you cannot find a pair that you need, be sure to give us heads-up and we will take care of that. Instantly.

How to use Quickex?
First, pick the pair you need. The Quickex robot will instantly suggest the best rates. Then input the amount you need to convert and click or tap ‘Exchange’. At the next tab, input the destination address (the wallet you need the exchanged amount to be transferred to) and refund address (in case the transaction gets cancelled the amount you tried to exchange will be sent to this address). At the same time, the bot will instantly calculate the estimate time of conversion; check the line below ‘Exchange’ button. Press ‘Exchange’ again and wait for the transaction to be over. It takes from 5-10 minutes on average for the robot to convert your funds and send them to the destination wallet. media, on relevant forums or review websites.

That’s it. No need to pass tedious registration. We want you to convert your cryptocurrency assets safely, stay anonymous and rely on that every calculation will be done almost instantly for the sake of your convenience. And all that at the best rates. Refund address is required because it may differ from the address your funds are coming from; especially in case you are transferring the funds from an exchange.
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